How Colour Correcting Saves Lives

No joke. It does. At least for me. Years ago, before I discovered colour correctors, I would sit in front of the mirror piling concealer on top of a pimple that I just could not leave alone the night before.

It would be bright red and (TMI) also crusty. No amount of moisturizer and concealer could help it. Fast forward a few years later, Instagram came and beauty influencers started to influence.

The first time I saw an MUA on Instagram use colour correctors, I was confused. It made no sense to me how green would cover up red and how purple would brighten your skin. I brushed it off for quite a while until it was just all over the place. Then one day while I was at a drugstore, I came across NYX and saw their wide range of colour correctors. Because of the brand’s affordable price, I picked up a few different ones to try, and I was HOOKED.

Colour correcting has been a serious game changer for me. I do not put on makeup without it – even if I am just doing an everyday simple look to go out to run errands. I tend to only use the green and orange colour correctors in my day to day life but if it’s for a night out, I will bust out the purple as well. I don’t use the yellow all that much as it is best suited for concealing purple/brown hyper-pigmentation and dark spots and I have more yellow undertones.

Here are my favourite colour correctors – my ride or dies.

NYX Concealer Wand – HD Studio Photogenic

My absolute favourite green concealer is this. The consistency, application, coverage is all amazing and super affordable.

Tarte Limited Edition Wipeout Colour Correcting Palette

– The orange is this palette is my go to. It’s nice and bright and creamy and covers the dark circles under my eyes, the side of my nose and lips just perfectly. I find the oranges in the NYX Cosmetics corrector palette to be too light for me but this one is rich and deep and is absolutely perfection. Interesting enough, I find the greens in the Tarte colour correcting palette to be too light for my liking but the NYX Cosmetics green wand I mentioned above to be perfect. Funny how things work lol.

NYX Colour Correcting Palette

– If I’m going to be going out for the evening and want a little extra help, this palette has my favourite purple corrector. I also really like the green corrector in this palette but the orange is too light for my liking.

So those are my ride or dies.

A brand worth noting for its affordability is also the L.A. Girl colour correctors.

L.A. Girl can’t be found in drugstores in Canada (that I know of) but I order them from – found under the ‘Cosmetics’ tab. They are $6.99 CAD and they offer free shipping in Canada for purchases over $19.

So there you have it. I love colour correctors. How about you? What are your favourites? I love trying new products so please leave a comment below!

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