New Beginnings

Well, September 25th finally came. I was nervous all day about my first day of school. I felt like a kid right out of highschool and excited to start this new journey of mine. I was also nervous because I didn’t want to feel out of place by being the oldest in the class. I’m not old by any means, but I’m also not 18.

So I got to school, walked by the salon we would be working in and I got super excited.
I stepped out of my comfort zone and introduced myself to a couple of people and all my nerves went away.

The 3 hours flew by, I was never tuned out or uninterested during the class – lets be real, anything to do with makeup is interesting to me.

My instructor is amazing. She is super sweet and knowledgeable and keeps the class going at a good pace.

The first class was pretty chill, we had to go through our makeup kits and make sure we all had everything so that took up a bit of time. Our makeup kits are amazing! The amount and quality of products we got is way beyond what I thought we would be getting.

After going through our makeup kits we started talking about fundamental basics. The topic I enjoyed the most was about the proper way to be cleaning the items in your makeup kit that you use on clients. There was so many things I didn’t know – maybe it’s common sense to some but I’m not afraid to admit that I had been doing a few things wrong.

Here are a couple mistakes I had been making and the proper way that it should be done:

  • I used a beauty blender on a client and in between clients, I had washed it with the beauty blender soap and used it on my next client. In my mind, I had cleaned it and it was okay for the next client but my instructor said that unless using the client’s personal beauty blender then you shouldn’t be using it at all. You can never guarantee that the beauty blender is disinfected properly even if you clean it with the soap. I had never thought of that. The best way is to use disposable makeup sponges. Something that can just be tossed away when you’re done.
  • Eyeliner – in all the different ways it comes in. Pencil, liquid, gel liner. I had just been using it on my clients without thinking about it. I’m embarrassed to admit it but not ashamed to say that I’m still learning. Here is what I learned about keeping your liners clean for clients.
    Pencil liner – sharpen before and after client.
    Gel Liner Pot – Take a spatula and scoop out and put the liner on a palette. Use a liner brush & disinfect brush before and after use. Never dip liner brush into the pot.
    Liquid Liner – Spray with 70% alcohol before and after clients. Keep in mind that this will dry out your liquid liner faster.

Another thing we chatted about that I wrote down was the shelf life of products. We are all guilty of hoarding makeup products…..or is that just me? Lol.

Anyways, I thought I would add this here just because it’s a great reference to have.

  • Powder products – they last the longest. 2 years and some powders can last a little longer.
  • Eyeliner – 1 year
  • Liquid Foundation – 2 years but you can also check the bottle as some have a shorter shelf life
  • Moisturizer – 2 years
  • Lipstick – 1 to 2 years
  • Lip Liner – 1 year
  • Brow Products – 1 year
  • Concealer – 2 years
  • Sponges – 6 months
  • Mascara – Every 3 months (So guilty of keeping mascara longer than this!)

First day, DONE. And I can’t wait for the next. I’ve never been a fan of school but when you’re doing something you truly enjoy, it doesn’t feel like school at all.

Thank you for following me along in this new journey! It’s time to get ready to pick up the kids from  school and go to dance practice! #momlifeisthebestlife

Till next time,



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