Bloody Halloween

This was my first attempt at ever doing ANYTHING Halloween related so I am super pumped about how it turned out! I was going to skip doing Halloween makeup all together but when I visited IMATS Vancouver over the weekend, I couldn’t resist picking up some stuff from Ben Nye. I started off with something different and got super frustrated at first but I stuck with it and two hours later, this was the end result. Not too shabby for my first time! Below are the products I used.

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Makeup – Then & Now

The evolution of makeup has come a long long way. In school this week, we learned about the history of makeup.  I’m not going to do a long write up about how makeup has evolved since 10,000BC – instead I’m going to write about my homework assignment. We had to pick an era between the 1920’s – 1990’s. Besides talking about the chosen era, social scene and fashion, I spent the majority of my time researching the makeup.

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Bronze Love

When I do my makeup for the day, I always open a few palettes to try to see what I’m feeling and what I’m not. Almost 90% of the time, I go for a bronze-y/gold look. It’s simple, easy, and not too fancy!

Here are the products I used to create this look:

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What’s Your Season?

Has anyone ever told you what season you are? I had never heard of this until day 2 of Makeup101. Apparently it’s an age old thing that used to be very common in deciding which makeup colours would suit your skin tone and features the best!

So are you Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring?

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