Current Nighttime Routine

Hello beauties! Grab a cup of joe cuz this one will take a few to read.
I never cared much about skincare growing up but a few years ago, when I was seriously getting into makeup, I started taking a closer look at the way I care for my skin as well. I consider myself very lucky with my skin – besides it being on the dry side, I’ve always had clear, non acne prone skin. Thank you, genetics!

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What’s Your Skin Type?

Taking care of your skin is so important – and it’s only something I started doing within the last few years. I love the sun and I love being tanned so I never cared about wearing sunscreen or hats, I only cared about getting as dark as possible. Big mistake. I know that now. I also used to not care about taking off my makeup, or washing my face properly. Another big mistake lol.

I’ve learned a lot in the last few years about skincare and sometimes it can become very overwhelming. There is literally a cream or serum or oil for every part of your body. So what is important and what products are good?

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